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Recognized Breeds & Breed Code Key

If your horse is gaited it can be registered!

The PSHR™ accepts all easy-riding soft gaited breeds in the registry, without discrimination. If you do not see your gaited breed above in the Breed Code Key, please feel free to submit your application for registration along with a request to add the gaited breed to the Breed Code Key. All registrations and additions of breeds to the Code Key are subject to approval.

*Horses from these breeds are accepted at the regular registration fee, but a video showing a soft 4 beat easy gait must be submitted with the application for registration.

** Unknown parentage - For a limited time, application for registration of high quality, gaited horses of unknown or unregistered parents is possible under the "Hardship Clause". Applications falling under the Hardship Clause must be submitted with a video email attachment, YouTube link or DVD showing the horse performing an easy-riding soft gait, such as the running walk, flat walk, rack, pace, stepping pace, foxtrot, slow saddle gait or single-foot. For a description of these gaits, see our Gaits page. A self addressed stamped envelope must be enclosed if you want your video returned. Additional registration fees apply. Please see our Fees page for price.

No videotape is required for purebred horses registered with other established gaited breeds, such as TWHBEA (Walkers), MFTHBA (Foxtrotters), PFHA (Pasos) & etc. Copy of registration papers is required in lieu of videotape.

The PSHR reserves the right to deny registration of any horse that does not pass the video inspection for gait.

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