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Registration Fees

Regular Registration:

Transfer of Title/Ownership:

Hardship Clause:*

Duplicate Registration Certificate:**

Any Alteration after Certificate has
been Issued:





Payments must be made in U.S. dollars.
Personal checks or money orders are accepted.
We do accept PayPal.
Credit card payments are only accepted through PayPal.
All payment options are located below in the PayPal drop down menu.


IMPORTANT: You may pay the transfer fee online via PayPal, but you must mail the original certificate to us via US Mail in order for us to complete the transfer.

Mail to:
Pleasure Saddle Horse Registry
P.O. Box 1445
Paragould, AR  72451-1445

Please allow 6 weeks for the return of the registration certificate.
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No videotape is required for purebred horses registered with other established gaited breeds, such as TWHBEA (Walkers), MFTHBA (Foxtrotters), PFHA (Pasos) & etc. Copy of registration papers is required in lieu of videotape. Fee = $35.

No videotape is required for crossbred gaited horses when both parents are registered with established gaited breeds, such as TWHBEA (Walkers), MFTHBA (Foxtrotters), PFHA (Pasos) & etc. Copy of both parent's registration papers is required in lieu of videotape. NOTE: Parent's can be from different gaited breeds, such as a Walker sire and a Paso dam & etc. Fee = $35.

*Hardship Clause ~ Application for registration of high quality, gaited horses of unknown or unregistered parents is possible under the Hardship Clause. Applications falling under the Hardship Clause must be submitted with a video email attachment, YouTube link or DVD showing the horse performing an easy-riding soft gait, such as the running walk, flat walk, rack, pace, stepping pace, foxtrot, slow saddle gait or single-foot. For a description of these gaits, see our Gaits page. If you want your video returned, a stamped self addressed envelope must accompany the registration application. The PSHR reserves the right to deny registration of any horse that does not pass inspection for gait.
Fee = $60.

**Duplicate Registration Certificate ~ If lost, a duplicate registration certificate can be issued to the registered owner of the horse. An explanation of why it is being applied for and a signed affidavit must accompany the request for a duplicate certificate. Fee = $35.

Transfer fees may be paid online, but you will need to mail the original signed certificate to us in order to complete the transfer. For more info about transferring your horse please see this page: Transferring Registration Papers

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